2023-01-25: My favorite bird site in January 2023.

2022-12-20: North End wisdom

2022-12-11: Taking a much-deserved break from the house-moving activities.

2022-10-29: Sunset on the Charles River yesterday ⛵️

2022-08-05: “Alpine Highball”: gin, yellow chartreuse, Campari, orange-rosemary soda

2022-07-30: 1… 2… 3… Four on the Floor @ Artifact Cider Project

2022-07-27: Lunch view 🌆

2022-05-15: Like Sunday morning

2022-04-28: Seeing all of the unmasked, coughing people in the airport is gross. 😷

2022-03-26: They’re not yet in season, of course, but the supermarket strawberries looked good this weekend. …

2021-11-25: Window shopping in Staunton, Virginia

2021-10-23: Night walk in Salem (iPhone night mode shot)

2021-10-17: ⛵️


2021-09-05: Visiting Longhopes Donkey Shelter in Bennett, Colorado.

2021-08-08: I can sew when I must, but it isn’t a hobby. However, I am endlessly fascinated by mid-19th century …

2021-05-16: ⛵️

2021-04-08: #ThirstyThursday : it’s nearly Friday

2021-03-12: It’s quite a relief to return to dining on the deck again.

2021-01-23: Chilly weather requires soup for dinner.

2021-01-17: Riverby Books, Fredericksburg, Virginia

2020-11-13: This year has been tiring, with far too little joy. I guess that’s why I thought I’d assemble the …

2020-11-06: Peated bourbon from Kings County Distillery is puzzling. Does it taste like scotch-y bourbon or …

2020-11-05: Stoop seems like an excellent word for 2020. I still have hope that things will start looking up, …

2020-11-03: I’ve always been a cranky old man in a less-old (?—less true each year) body. But nature still …

2020-11-02: I’ve signed out of my (other) social media accounts in preparation for what I expect to be a wild …

2020-11-01: I’ve long objected to the nonsensical habit of “daylight saving” time. This rainy and dreary Sunday …

2020-10-23: My 2020 distraction: vintage Christmas ornament shopping 🎄

2020-10-13: And Then There Were None 2020-10-13 22:30 EDT (UTC-4) Old Town North, Alexandria, Virginia, USA

2020-10-04: A walk along the Potomac in Leesylvania State Park

2020-10-03: Wish #2 for iOS: stop auto-play for media I’m enjoying the quick AirPods hand-off between iPad and iPhone in iOS 14… until I accidently …

2020-10-02: Autumn Friday: brandy on the deck next to the fire

2020-09-30: 🗳 Vote!

2020-09-30: I’m trying micro.blog as an alternative to Instagram and (hopefully) as a less frustrating …